Terms Of Service

By signing up and using services on Surfaholics TE you agree to the following Terms Of Service.

Surfaholics TE contains links to outside sites and is not responsible for content on these sites. Use caution when entering any information into sites! Surfaholics TE is not responsible for any lost credits, or any damages, loss of data, or other problems associated with using our services.

Advertisement Claims
Due to the nature of the internet and the free service being offered, Surfaholics TE cannot verify advertised claims. Users of Surfaholics TE should use caution before entering information or paying for services advertised. Surfaholics TE recommends visiting FTC's Internet page and Consumer.gov to learn about the latest scams and ways to protect yourself.

Spam is not permitted. If your account has been found to be sending spam, it will be removed without notice. You will not be able to sign up again.

Chat, PM, And Forum Spam
SurfAholics TE does not permit using the forum, chat, or private messaging system for sending advertisements. Members found using these services to send spam, ask users to join programs, bait members into asking for more information, or in any way using these services for promotion may find their access to the forum, PM system, and chat revoked. Repeated offenses will result account suspension and/or permanent banning.

Do not use an auto-responder for your contact email address! This will get your account suspended, and continued violations will get your account banned and loss of all credits, banner and text impressions!

Site Rules
- Your site may only contain ONE pop up
- Your site may not close the surf frame
- Your site must be primarily in English
- Your site may not contain prompts or alerts or anything else that must be closed before surfing can continue
- Your site may not contain fly in ads, or other popups that move on the screen
- Your site must not attempt to automatically download files
- You may not advertise any surf pages (referral urls are ok)
- Your site may not contain illegal content
- Your site may not load banned sites in iframes
- Your site must be family-friendly
- Your site must not be an investment surf (auto or manual)
- Sites can be removed for reasons not listed above if it negatively affects surfing. - Once a quarter (August, November, February, May), I will delete all links that do not have credits assigned to them. This process is to help clean-up the system that results from either inattention to promotion or promotional links resulting from a person downgrading.

Paid To Promote Sites
ARE BANNED, any PTP sites found will be removed and all credits lost.

Paid To Click Sites
ARE ALSO BANNED!!! (Any PTC sites found will be suspended.)

Commissions from Rewards/Prizes
All cash prizes received from surfing as a reward MUST be used to make purchases at SurfAholics TE (ie., credits, banners, texts, or upgrades).

Commissions from Purchases
Commissions from purchases will be paid to the referring member of SurfAholics TE.

Account Rules
- You may only have ONE account per person
- You cannot login from two different computers at the same time
- You MUST have a valid email address
- Your email must NOT have any autoresponders or bounce
- You cannot share your login information with anyone
- ONLY the owner may surf the exchange
- You may not use any programs, scripts, etc that will surf for you
- You MUST surf at least once every 3 months

Changing Upline
Deleting your account only to re-join again in an effort to change your sponsor/referrer/upline is not allowed. Asking members to delete their account and re-join under you is not allowed.

ReSelling Traffic
You may not sell traffic earned from surfing, contests, or given to you in any way free. You may re-sell purchased traffic ONLY in the form of a coop. You cannot reference SurfAholics TE in your advertisements except when referencing a list of multiple traffic sources and there is no set number of hits coming from SurfAholics TE. This includes incentives other than cash.

Surfing Rules
- Only you may surf for your account
- You must surf with the site being advertised visible
- You may not use any kind of software to surf for you

Activity Policy
Accounts older than 90 days will be "deactivated". You may "reactivate" your account at anytime by logging in again.

You must receive our emails to have an "active" account. If you unsubscribe from our emails, you will have to verify your email address to use our service.

Failure to Follow
If your site or account fails to follow any of the rules listed above, your account will be removed. All credits, impressions, or rewards of any kind will be lost. Your banners and urls will be removed, and your referrals will be lost.

Future Changes

SurfAholics TE may change any of these rules at any time, with or without notification.