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I am Terry Allison.
I have been happily married over half my life now! What a scream! It has been a blessing with two wonderful boys! My wife and I are very proud of both of our boys!

Right after high school, I answered some junk mail and wound-up going to a computer programming school. I only mention that to say that I have been in computers for a very long time, so computers are nothing new to me, but as with computers there are always things to learn as technology is always changing.

I am a life-long learner. What I mean by that is that I always try to learn something. I felt the call into pastoral ministry for seven years before going to seminary and receiving a Masters of Divinity and a Masters of Arts in Counseling. Although I have not returned to pastoral ministry, I use what I learned in seminary to help others. It was while I was going to seminary that I learned about marketing online.

I have been marketing online, since 2004. I have seen a lot of things come and go in this industry. And just like computer with technology changing, there is always something to learn. I definitely learned a lot with opening two traffic exchanges SurfAholics TE and Wall Street TE, and you have an open invitation to join us at either one or both!
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  • Apr 10th 2020 at 4:28 PM
    Health and Wellness

    Health and Wellness

    Terry Allison here! I have always been pretty good in the health and wellness department of my life! I have always tried to take care of myself, and have done a pretty good job for the most part! At least, I did until I did not! What happend was that before I went into pastoral ministry, I lifted weights regularly and had a pretty active lifestyle.

    Since pastoral ministry was so new to me, just like any new job, I spent a lot of the extra time learning the job and meeting the people that I was meant to help. My health and wellness was the last thing on my mind. I had no time to exercise, because any extra time was eaten-up by college classwork. And then, there were all those church potlucks. Oh my! There are a lot of good cooks at churches, at least the ones that I served. When I was exercising, I could eat tons of food, and burn it all off! I never gained any weight. I might have been okay, if I had just cut back on the food intake, at least for a few more years.

    As I headed-off to Kentucky for seminary, I encountered a new set of health issues to deal with. Along with learning the material in my studies, I had to learn to deal with allergies and asthma! The positives that I had going on at this time for me was that I was learning a lot in my fields of study in religion and counseling and back to exercising, because the seminary had a gym. I was able to exercise regularly for the first few years of study. The last few years, I had to devote more time to my counseling studies, and I slowly pulled away from regular exercise routines. The asthma was not doing me any favors either.

    With sitting around as much as I was and the various medications I was taking, especially steroids, my weight kept going up and up. I could not understand why my weight was going out of control. And, of course, the only thing my primary care person wanted to do was to put me on my medications to counteract the weight gains. As I look back, the only that these medicines would do is to put me in la-la-land.

    Finally, I had had enough! I was receiving these emails from Joel Therien about taking the excuses out of not exercising. It was at this time that Joel and Now LifeStyle got me back on the path to regular exercise. Better health and wellness, here I come!

    It did not take me too long to lose the first twenty pounds, although it felt like I was on a roller-coaster ride with the weight gains and loses, but I kept at it!

    Since I was regularly exercising again, and the more I learned about the side-effects of the la-la-land medications that I was taking, I decided to take myself off this medication. My primary care person was furious with me, but the lung doctor thought that it was a good idea. I do not recommend going against medical advice, but in this case, and for me, I wanted to take back control of my health and wellness. Slowly, but surely, I have been taking control of my health, and have been more responsible for my wellness.

    As of this writing, I have lost thirty-five pounds in just over a year's time. With the weight loss and the use of the Now LifeStyle supplements, I have been able to cutback on taking a couple of the asthma medicines, namely the steriods, and that is with medical approval from the asthma and lung doctors.

    The Now LifeStyle program has taken away all the excuses to prevent better health and wellness for me. I do not know your particular situation, but I do know that you owe it to yourself to get better in your health and wellness.

    Terry Allison, Sr.
    Lover of music

    Now LifeStyle

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